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Bringing together the top elbow surgeons from around the world, this contemporary, up-to-date text presents surgical tips and techniques for the most common elbow procedures. Because authorship will be limited to leaders in the field, the emphasis will be on practical tips and techniques that can readily be implemented in the clinical and surgical environment.
This text covers approximately 50 of the most common elbow surgical procedures, which are further subdivided into the following five categories: Trauma, Degenerative, Arthroscopy, Sports, and Neurologic. The focus of each chapter is on describing the precise clinical and surgical techniques used by the experts in each of these areas. Each chapter highlights a specific procedure and benefits from a consistent chapter approach: Description, Principles, Indications, Contraindications, Procedural Steps, Handling Difficulties, and Bailout and Salvage options. 
Given theinternational representation of the editors and authors, Tips and Techniques in Elbow Surgery will appeal to a very wide audience and will be of benefit to any surgeon who treats elbow injuries.

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