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Practical Procedures in Implant Dentistry

Practical Procedures in IMPLANT DENTISTRY

Master the fundamentals and intricacies of implant dentistry with this comprehensive and practical new resource

Practical Procedures in Implant Dentistry delivers a comprehensive collection of information demonstrating the science and clinical techniques in implant dentistry. Written in a practical and accessible style that outlines the principles and procedures of each technique, the book offers clinical tips and references to build a comprehensive foundation of knowledge in implantology.

Written by an international team of contributors with extensive clinical and academic expertise, Practical Procedures in Implant Dentistry covers core topics such as:

  • Rationale and assessment for implant placement and restoration, including the diagnostic records and surgical considerations required for optimal planning and risk management
  • Incision design considerations and flap management, with an essential knowledge of regional neuro-vascular structures
  • Implant placement, encompassing the timing of the placement, bone requirements and understanding the importance of the peri-implant interface for soft tissue stability
  • Impression techniques, loading protocols, digital workflows and the aesthetic considerations of implants
  • Prosthetic rehabilitation of single tooth implants to fully edentulous workflows, including discussions of soft tissue support, biomechanics and occlusal verification

Perfect for both general dental practitioners and specialists in implant dentistry, Practical Procedures in Implant Dentistry is also a valuable reference to senior undergraduate and postgraduate dental students.

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