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This textbook details knowledge and techniques required for the management of a broad spectrum of lower eyelid malposition, conditions, and cosmetic surgery. The lower eyelids are very prone to malposition and even mild scarring or slight irregularities cause patient dissatisfaction. Ectropion, lagophthalmos, and retraction are common results of attempts to repair or rejuvenate the periocular area, but also pose serious risks to the eye. Skills in forestalling these issues as well as repairing them when they do are occur are paramount for any facial surgeon and are covered throughout the textbook.


Plastic Surgery of the Lower Eyelids explores solutions and treatment of the spectrum of lower eyelid conditions and aesthetic concerns. It also highlights both functional and cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelids and cheeks that often co-exist. In addition to treatments for eyelid retraction that occurs after cosmetic lower eyelid surgery, this textbook details maneuvers that forestall malposition when performing aesthetic surgery. Residents, fellows and clinicians in oculoplastic surgery, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and other related fields will find this textbook to be an essential guide for delivering safe and effective lower eyelid surgery.

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