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When you follow the SEMCD (Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Denture) procedure and remove the mandibular edentulous impression from patient’s mouth, you hear a suction-releasing “Pop” sound which you have never heard before. The moment you experience this sound, you can’t go back to the conventional impression technique using compound impression materials that you learnt at a dental school.

For the last 15 years, many clinicians all over the world have taken SEMCD hands-on training course. They are applying this revolution technique in their daily practice, and you have probably seen remarkable result on the Internet. It is truly straightforward to use the suction “Pop” sound as the primary and successful measure of the Mandibular complete denture.

Beneficial advantages of Suction Effective mandibular Complete Denture Technique (SEMCD) is as follows.

  1. Preliminary impression is taken using a Frame Cut Back Tray (FCB Tray) in order to obtain non-compressed mucostatic oral membrane while the mouth is being closed-position to avoid over-extension of the buccal and lingual sulcus.
  2. Custom trays are designed based on the oral mucosal function which reflects the movement of the muscle of musculatures around the mouth.
  3. Do-able precision impression technique for everyone.
  4. Everyone can achieve beautiful impressions with suction phenomenon without years of clinical experience.
  5. Once you can adapt digital denture manufacturing system using milling machine in your office, by following SEMCD technique, you will be able to achieve the suction phenomenon with three steps. - 1, Precision impression, 2, Try-in with milled dentures, 3, Delivery.
  6. Everyone can expect the final results with SEMCD.

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