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Biological Bone Augmentation (chờ dịch)

In many cases bone augmentation is necessary before implants can be inserted. Additionally, the soft tissue management can be a decisive factor for the implant success. In all cases the “Gold Standard” of using autologous bone is in competition with the use of Bone Graft Material products. This Online Webinar is addressed to all clinicians, who want to learn safe and predictable bone harvesting and augmentation techniques for different clinical situations. Clear guidelines for the use of augmentative procedures like the Split bone technique by Prof. Khoury and Biological Bone Augmentation with pure autogenous bone and advanced soft tissue management in order to achieve predicable results will be provided.

Biological Bone Augmentation Video List
1- The CCARD Classification part 1, part 2
2- Safe bone harvesting from the external oblique line part 1, part 2
3- The Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty
4- Complication treatment
5- Rehabilitation of the atrophied maxilla part 1, part 2
6- The Esthetic Zone part 1, part 2

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