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This Atlas of Dermatology has a unique clinical orientation with an emphasis on morphology. The disease entities are arranged according to the morphology of lesions to aid diagnosis. This pattern of placement is more useful for both teaching and learning and serves as an important aid in making a diagnosis being based on the way patients present themselves in out-patient departments. With key diagnostic clinical pointers generously illustrated to help the reader in diagnosing and excluding clinical differentials, this Atlas will serve as a helpful source for medical residents and practitioners specialising in Clinical Dermatology.

Key Features

  • An atlas and text covering skin, mucosa, hair and nail diseases in skin of color
  • Emphasis on key diagnostic clinical pointers
  • 3000+ clinical images--multiple images of a disease to cover the clinical spectrum
  • Dedicated section on Regional Dermatology and Skin changes in systemic diseases
  • Clinician’s desk reference for OPD practice

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