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A solid knowledge of anatomy is essential within any number of fields throughout healthcare. A core discipline of all medical degrees, anatomy is generally taught in a series of laboratory sessions and lectures, requiring students to identify a particular organ or structure, explain its function and describe its relation to normal physiology. Students are expected to learn – and practicing clinicians required to remember – an enormous amount of anatomical information.

A Visual Guide to Clinical Anatomy is an extraordinary visual reference guide, containing more than 900 high-quality illustrations of the human anatomy. Author and illustrator Robert H. Whitaker draws upon his 30 years of experience as an anatomy demonstrator and lecturer at Cambridge University to present a simple, easy-to-understand approach to both teaching and learning the subject. Each illustration is designed to provide a summary of key anatomical and clinical information of a specific topic or clinical condition. A comprehensive yet user-friendly anatomy resource, this volume:

  • Covers the major areas of human anatomy
  • Provides succinct, clinically relevant information for each illustration
  • Offers clear and accessible synopses of anatomical structures 

A Visual Guide to Clinical Anatomy is a valuable addition to the bookshelf of any medical student, instructor, surgical trainee, physician, or healthcare practitioner.

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