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3D Virtual Treatment Planning of Orthognathic Surgery (DVD Sách)

This color atlas and manual
provides clinicians with systematic, standardized, but also individualized
step-by-step guidance on 3D virtual diagnosis, treatment planning, and outcome
assessment in patients undergoing orthognathic surgery for maxillofacial
deformities. Drawing on 20 years of experience, the authors elucidate the
clinical potential of the approach while also highlighting current pitfalls and
limitations. The opening two chapters discuss the 3D imaging workflow and its
integration into daily clinical routine and comprehensively describe cone-beam
CT virtual diagnosis. The stepwise 3D virtual planning of orthognathic surgery
and transfer of the 3D virtual treatment plan to the patient in the operating
room are then thoroughly explained, and the unprecedented potential of 3D
virtual evaluation of treatment outcome, documented.  Finally, after provision of all this
essential background information, the closing chapter illustrates the
application of the 3D virtual approach in different types of maxillofacial
deformity. Orthodontists and orthognathic and orthofacial surgeons will find 3D Virtual Treatment Planning of
Orthognathic Surgery
 to be a superb guide and resource.  

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